How Covid-19 effects your travel to Valley County, and what we're doing to help keep you safe:

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures for Vacation Rental Properties:

McCall Vacation Properties's standard practice is to perform a full clean of each property between guests which includes:
1. Scrub all surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms with a Lysol based disenfecting all-purpose cleaner
2. Launder all linens in water exceeding 160 degrees or use a third party laundry service following same practices
3. Ensure any used dishes were run through a high-temperature dish washer cycle where possible
4. Sweep & mop all hard floors, vacuum all carpeted floors and rugs
5. Spot treat glass and flat surfaces for finger prints, dust, debris, etc.
6. Restock the property with unused single-use toiletries and plenty of hand, dish, and laundry soap

To enhance this already thorough standard cleaning, we've added the following steps:
1. All high-touch and hard surfaces are treated with a sanitizing spray and left to air dry per CDC recommendations
2. Housekeeping staff are wearing additional single-use PPE to protect themselves and reduce cross-site contamination
3. We are disallowing late check-outs and early check-ins to ensure a minimum 5 hour window of time between guests

Extenuating Circumstances Cancellation Policy for Vacation Rental Properties:

While we are not relaxing our published cancellation policy on our listings, on our Airbnb listings, or on our VRBO listings, we are making extenuating circumstances overrides to these cancellation policies as the circumstances arise. If your travel must be cancelled due to a Covid related travel restriction or simply a particular concern with health or safety related to Covid, we will provide a full refund for a cancellation up to the day prior to check-in. We do appreciate you taking action to cancel as soon as you've made the decision as this provides us the greatest opportunity to re-book the property. This extenuating circumstances cancellation policy related to Covid will remain in place until 6/1/2021.

Restrictions Applicable to our Vacation Rental Properties (updated 5/17/21):
*Please note that our properties will all be subject to restrictions imposed by the State of Idaho and Valley County, however only some of our properties will be subject to restrictions imposed by the City of McCall.

State of Idaho: State-level restrictions have been lifted
- Stage 4 Healthy Guidelines Order can be read here

Valley County, Idaho: County-level restrictions have been lifted

City of McCall, Idaho: City-level restrictions have been lifted